Janice Lichtenwaldt

Janice Lichtenwaldt, MBA, CPCC, ACC

Janice has spent the past 25 years fighting the good fight to keep sanity, creativity, and productivity in the corporate workplace. She navigated emerging technology businesses from online city guides (CitySearch.com) to online ticketing (Ticketmaster.com), online travel (Expedia) to building online communities (Allrecipes.com) with a focus on marketing communications, product development, and business development.

In 2016 Janice took this experience and founded AIC Coaching specializing in leadership and career development. Her mission is to help others recognize their own potential and achieve their definition of success.

Kathy Engel Laurnen


With her 20+ years of experience as a business leader in the healthcare industry, she helps leaders and their teams define their goals and values, then develop a plan and commit to creating that vision. The outcome results in successfully improving your clients’ experience with your organisation as well as creating your ideal work culture​.

Great strides continue to be made in the world of neuroscience. It is now known that at any age, we can create new neuropathways, or new ways of thinking and being, to help us live more fulfilling lives. Kathy’s approach incorporates the use of neuroscience to enhance your own ability to change.

Christina McFadden


Christina works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals around the world reach their fullest potential. She focuses on helping leaders find meaningful work that adds significance and fulfillment to their lives and careers. Christina specializes in executive presence, group dynamics, and identifying verbal and nonverbal communication patterns, helping clients become aware of their impact. Through her experience in leadership and as a facilitator, she has helped multiple companies and teams develop systems that support rapid growth.

Christina graduated from Boston University’s School of Management with a focus on Organizational Behavior and has an MS in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. She was also selected to be a 2014/15 Stanford H4A Fellow. She currently serves as President on the Board of BATS Improv and coaches leaders at the Interpersonal Development Department at UC Berkeley Haas. Christina loves and studies improv and acting. Her appreciation of travel has led her to visit all 50 states and 25 countries.