(a)mplify.me – release your inner entrepreneur

(a)Mplify.me is a focussed 3 month programme to release your inner entrepreneur. We align both your entrepreneurial being and develop your businessplan. In 13 weekly sessions of 45 minutes we will work both on the content of your business plan as well as your entrepreneurial skills.

We follow our Co-Active approach in working towards your goal. This means that we will co-create a business environment that will leave you deeply fulfilled for the long run.

How do we work together? We will be using Zoom as our primary means of communication. We gather in a weekly call and discuss the topic at hand. One week we will work on your entrepreneurial skills, the other on your business plan. The last session will be a pitching session where you will present your business plan in a clean presentation, ready to present to potential investors or potential stakeholders.


We will be using the Business Model Canvas to design your business model, look at the interactions and dynamics as well as the finance. Be prepared to put in the work and get ready to launch yourself.

What to expect:

Thirteen (13) weeks of intense online collaboration in which you have full access to me at any time. Every week we have a meeting and you will be expected to do your homework and be prepared. Roughly, the schedule will be along the lines of:

  • Step 1 (weeks 1 & 2): The entrepreneur in you. A discovery of the drives within you that will make the difference in succeeding or failing.
  • Step 2 (weeks 3 & 4): Defining your market and your relationship with your market
  • Step 3 (weeks 5 & 6): Refining the Value Proposition & unleashing the Visionary in you
  • Step 4 (weeks 7 & 8): Delivering on your promises. Awakening the lover within and exceeding your client’s expectations.
  • Step 5 (weeks 9 & 10): Grounding your business in reality: managing the costs and making magic happen.
  • Step 6 (weeks 11 & 12): The Money Flows & Testing the model. Make your business work for you!
  • Graduation (week 13): Get ready to pitch your business! You made it!

The real, finalised schedule is part of our co-design. Together we determine what is needed and what will serve you best.

The budget:

The entire series is on offer for only 1.450 euro (instead of the normal value of: 2.250 euro)



Before stepping in this journey, let’s have a chat. Book a free and complementary chemistry session now!