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What to expect?

A sample session is an online coaching experience that takes roughly 30 minutes. In a first instance we get acquainted, we get to know each-other a bit and I especially like to get an idea of who I’m talking to. Next we get into the coaching part which wil take up app. 20 minutes. It’s a real coaching situation, so I would love you to bring a real topic. A real topic can be for instance something you’re stuck with, a decision you don’t know how to take, something you’re hesitant about, something that angered you… anything goes.

We round up by a final 5 minutes of conversation about the experience, what you liked or didn’t like about it, how we want to move on, etc.

Since it’s an online conversation, it’s handy that you are in a private space where we don’t get disturbed by outside influences and we can concentrate on the conversation. To schedule I use Calendly: you book directly in my agenda.

As a tool to coach I suggest using Zoom. As an alternative we can also use the telephone or Skype.


I am! And… I’m really looking forward to meeting you!

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