Corporate Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of human society—all those things that make us special: our language, the symbols and stories we share, the things that we value and believe in, and the wonderful variety in our groups, cultures and sub-cultures. Large corporations have long been using trained anthropologists and applying anthropological methodologies and techniques to better understand cultural differences, behavior and values in different industry settings.

Business is more often than not about Cultural habits: the values, beliefs and behaviors that are called our “culture.” Humans live effectively within a culture and that culture helps to order daily life. In a company, you also pass down this culture in some form so that new hires into your firm can be part of the existing culture.  You on-board those new hires into the existing set of values, beliefs and the way you do things.

Furthermore, in Customer Centric times, exposing your staff to “real” customers instead of scripted persona brings the customer in the organisation and improves the harmony between internal processes and underlying desires of people. When conducting our anthropological research, people tell us their memories. It is from observing or participating that the great insights often emerge.