Our Story

The essence of iKindu can to being in the midst of transition. When hitting rock bottom in her personal transition to womanhood, Emmanuelle put out her calling: “I can do this”. This idea of enabling her personal change, throwing her heart over the fence and creating her future became a calling. She soon realised that one doesn’t create a world alone, she needed  mates around her. Her outreach to generating support led to the creation of a tribe. A tribe of people believing that change can be an awesome experience.

Today, we are a tribe of leaders on a mission to enable leaders leading change in a heartful way. We ensure change becomes a learning experience for the better, for all involved. We choose to operate primarily with companies (tribes), facing change. Especially hen confronted to merging with other tribes. That clash of cultures calls forth the greatest of leaders to turn the initial chaos into a brave new world.

We call ourselves iKindu. It contains in it’s roots that deep initial leader calling when facing a chasm: I can do (this). However, it also represents the essence of our tribe.

“Kin” is derived from the Old English “cynn”, of Germanic origin and related to Dutch “kunne”, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘give birth to’, shared by Greek genos and Latin genus ‘race’. Furthermore, in Chinese the word “qin” (亲) meaning a.o. one’s own, relative, related to… In short: akin, allied, close, related. Or: clan as a family, and by extension tribe.

For the origin of  “Du” (杜), referring to a “birch-leaf pear tree”, we go back to the energy we, as a tribe, want to bring in the world. We drew upon ancient healing wisdom and found two trees that emanated our essence: the birch and the pear. The birch tree alleviates anxiety, and stands for renewal and new growth. The pear cools emotions and brings good spirits. It so happens that in China there is a tree called the birch-leafed pear tree. It’s a pear tree (with small pears) with leaves resembling birch tree leaves.

Brought together, “KinDu” means as much as: “the clan of the birch-leaved pear tree“.

We chose the elephant as our symbol. The elephant reflects the responsibility and accountability we value as an organisation. The elephant has a high sense of duty (a higher calling) and carries connectedness its nature. The elephant is sensitive, determined and loyal to the circle they gather. We are providers who use confidence, persistence and commitment as our tools.

Finally, not unlike a kaleidoscope, we are a global organisation and, at our core, we strive for a world where words like “diversity” and “inclusion” are a given. Anywhere. Everywhere.