Book Club: The Hard Thing About Hard Things by…

Any management book that urges you to read Dr. Seuss is a winner. I just love metaphors and simple lessons to change the frame through which we look at the world.

There are plenty of books on CEO-ing, none of them so relevant as this one. As a CEO, it’s always great to brainpick other CEO’s and uncover their challenges, only to find out that they are always very similar to mine. This is, as you would expect from a CEO of that caliber: no nonsense, straight forward and directly geared to upping your being a CEO. It’s not a real how-to, it’s a selection of things you stumble upon and a view on how you might tackle them.

Most Memorable Quote: “Sometimes an organisation doesn’t need a solution; it just needs clarity”

I believe that far too often we are trained and groomed to find quick solutions and “fix” things, Ben Horowitz just voice what is most often needed: clarity. And the way in? Genuine curiosity. I notice myself that, when I’m approaching life from a place of curiosity, clarity arises and there is no need for fixing yet another problem. Furthermore, bringing clarity through/from curiosity grows the people around you.

In my bookshelf, it’s on the side of books I will page through again every so often.

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Five Strengths Coaches Bring to Your Table

Oftentimes I’m asked: “sure coaching, but does it really work?” And the answer is obviously: “yes, it does”. Other than pointing to independent research (see my previous article), there are some distinct benefits you get from working with a coach. Here are 5 essential ones:

A coach keeps you on track

A coaching relation starts (at least when working with me) with a solid mutual understanding of your vision, values and goals. Oftentimes I’ve seen that momentum is lost and motivation crumbles when we loose connection with these core elements of our being. Coaching ensures that you stay connected and that you don’t divert from those things you really treasure.

You get immediate feedback

You get what you buy. Oftentimes that implies that the vendor hides imperfection and sells you a dream. You can tell a coach anything you want, a coach will give you back i.m.m.e.d.i.a.t.e.l.y. what you are projecting, allowing you to understand and grow from there. When was the last time someone, anyone, really listened and gave you an honest feedback?

She hacks your growth

Keeping you close to your core, I keep you in check with your future. Oftentimes, we entrepreneurs, get faced with bolders that feel unsurmountable. However, our sheer will, passion and dedication, makes us believe we will prevail. Now imagine having someone by your side turning the boulders into pebbles, shifting your perspective and unlocking new paths to accomplish your objective.

She creates accountability

Isn’t it easy to say: “YES!” and than do something else, forget about it and having an excuse ready whenever you get called out upon it? After all, who is having your back? Who makes sure you keep to your promises to yourself? Your coach creates an environment where commitment happens. Your coach will make you commit and hold you accountable. When your coach sees it is really important to you, she will make you commit and make sure you deliver. She will make you accountable and champion you.

Your natural leadership comes to fruition

We all are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Being recognised for your true self unlocks all possibilities to further your journey starting from a place of conviction, passion and dedication. You unlock your potential and break through the boundaries you’ve set yourself today. What else would be possible? What more can be achieved?Really?

Does it really work?

Yes it does. In my previous article I touched upon a bunch of studies all supporting the ROI of coaching in leadership. Not sure whether it’s for you? Give it a try! Sample sessions are generally offered for free (like here): just call a couple of coaches, see how it works for you. Experience it.